Thursday, June 18, 2009

I've heard that you miss me.

How sweet is that?

I know I haven't been writing. Believe me I've wanted to, but the purpose of this blog was to give me a certain type of outlet--a place to write out my experiences to hopefully find the humor in some of the more painful ones. Lately my life has contained more pain than humor, and I've struggled to poke fun at any of it.

They say that what doesn't kill you is supposed to make you stronger. I'm starting to think that whatever doesn't kill you just makes you wish you were dead. We've had such a rash of stuff gone wrong lately: work problems, large unexpected expenses, serious illness and death in the family. Speaking of family, our extended family on both sides has really gone through the ringer as well. We feel their pain like it was our own and struggle with our utter impotence at helping them through it. It's been quite an emotional roller coaster, and I'm getting a little queasy here. Someone seriously needs to let me off this crazy ride before I need one of those special little bags.

Through it all I have been trying to find some perspective, to learn whatever lesson it is that just won't sink into my rock hard skull so I can move on to happier times. It ain't been easy, but I'm chuggin' along. While joy is somewhat blunted and humor is scarce, I have managed to scrape up a few smiles here and there.

Here's my latest...

I had run to my computer for a few minutes leaving the baby with Clara and Sam in the family room. While I was paying a few bills, I kept hearing this really weird sound coming from the living room. Sam is notorious for making the most obnoxious noises ever, so I just brushed it off as 5-yr-old nonsense and finished up. When I returned to fetch the baby, this is what I found.

Of course as soon as I put the camera on him he decides he's done, but what 8 month old teaches himself to play the kazoo?



  1. I really do hope things get better/easier for you. Love the kazoo playing! So cute.

  2. Oh my goodness what a beautiful (and smart) baby boy! Kitty, he is so cute! I hope things get better for you. We do miss you.

  3. THATS MY NEPHEW!!! I love it! I had to replay it a few times just for the sheer joy it brought me :)

  4. YOU LET THAT BABY GROW!!!ARGGG holy moly he is something else isn't he?

    (I seriously am holding back tears looking at how he's grown and I missed it by moving out here)


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