Sunday, July 12, 2009

Lesson of the day

Now class pay attention. This may be on the final. Now repeat after me.

Gorilla glue is not the same as crazy glue.

Gorilla glue will bond anything to anything else.


As in forever.

Should you not heed this lesson, be forewarned.

Ice will not freeze it off. Peanut butter will only make a mess. Even exacto knives will do nothing but cause you pain.

No, boys and girls, gorilla glue is forever.

Your only hope is that a kind loving husband will stifle his laughter long enough to tear apart the bottle rather than ripping the flesh from the bone. If not, you could always follow your son's suggestion to burn it off or just hack off the whole finger with a sword.

Pay absolutely no attention to the full inch of missing skin.

Class dismissed.


  1. Arghhhhhhhhh. At least skin grows back right?

    PS THANKS for the books!!! I will bring them back next Sunday.

  2. I've had that happen with super glue and it's quite painful. Thanks for the warning. Gorilla glue will not be allowed through our door!

  3. OWWW!!! What were you glueing? My husband has a keg of that stuff in his back room, so thanks for the warning! I'll never touch it!

  4. Oh Catherine,...dear Catherine....please tell me you were sacrificing yourself by taking that tube away from Sam, only to find the lid was off and glue leaking from it....or that the tube had a little pierced hole in it that it seeped from...because my imagination gets funny beyond those thoughts!


Jeers, Pokes, and Jabs