Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Cosmic Thumb 2010

I knew I was in for it today. Sometimes you just know, ya know?

Not sure what clued me in. Maybe it was the 3 measly hours of sleep I managed to get last night. Maybe it was toe that I slammed into the door-jamb, jamming the joint and shattering the nail when I stumbled blearily out of bed. Maybe it was the mangled pizza I found in the carpet behind the futon, on the stairs, and in virtually every corner of every room of my house as I made my way downstairs to cook a breakfast no one would eat. Maybe it was the broken Beatles Rock Band disc. (I hearted you, Beatles Rock Band. I hearted you sooo much.../sob.) I don't know, but this might have been a hint of things to come.

Or it could have been the broken air conditioning in sweltering weather making the downstairs a sauna while the upstairs system tried to compensate by constantly blowing despite the arctic conditions and ensuring an astronomical electric bill next month. Who'd have thunk you could have two such completely different climates in one house?

Perhaps it was the lawn mower that pulled my shoulders to pieces, rubbed blisters on top of more blisters on my thumbs, and strained my back while nearly giving me heatstroke trying to maneuver the beast round and round a yard pitted with mole hills and treacherous tunnels. (Husband-dear went out of town without cutting it. Leaving it for his return would insure the grass-police would pay us a visit and ticket us to death.) Come to think of it, it really could have been the smart-alec kid following me around commenting on each and every missed blade of grass.

It just had to be the poo-filled garden tub. Definitely the poo-filled garden tub a certain bitty boy decided to use as a rather large toilet last night during his bath. (I still can't believe that I forgot it had happened even amidst the chaos of getting 3 wired children settled down for bedtime by myself. How in the world? I mean poo...in my TUB.) It was just a lovely mess to try and clean up with my throbbing hands and quivering muscles.

The Cosmic Thumb had a real hey day today. At least until my lovely niece sent the sweetest text allowing me to find my missing phone and cheering me in the process. And my challenge of a boy tried so hard to let me have a small nap but couldn't resist climbing in next to me to cuddle. And my so very helpful daughter played nicely with my bitty boy allowing me 30 whole minutes to play a stupid facebook game. And my precious bitty boy who wrapped his arms around my neck and cooed "Mom" in my ear.

Yep, sometimes you just know.


  1. Husband-dear sounds like a jerk!

  2. Not a jerk. Husband-dear had very good reasons for not getting the yard work done (for which I feel no resentment or blame), but it still had to be done.

  3. My unbiased, strictly objective opinion: there are no jerks where tikki trips. Husband-Dear and Excellent-Wife-with-Perfect-Pitch are the ideal couple, no matter who mows the grass.


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